Our Mission

To improve patient care through integration of pharmacogenomics in drug development


Our Scope

We focus on, for example: genomic technologies, informed consent and ethics, global regulations and policy, innovative clinical trial design, genomic sample collection and use, pharmacogenomic biomarkers, patient stratification, pharmacogenomic education, and regulatory use of genomic data to support drug label statements.

Pharmacogenomics in drug development – Impact, Facilitate and Educate!

Who We Are


The Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group (I-PWG) was established in 2000 and is comprised of functionally diverse members from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our diverse membership is made up of those engaging in regulatory, statistical, technological , genomic and biological research as well as operations. We engage pre-competitively to address emerging issues related to pharmacogenomics.

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Our Goals

  • Impact the integration of pharmacogenomic research into global drug development and regulatory policy through sharing and promoting best practices.
  • Facilitate the use of genomic data to inform drug labels and clinical decision making.
  • Promote education of pharmacogenomic science

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