I-PWG Biomarker Brochure

I-PWG Biomarker Brochure

Eighteen people from 13 member companies attended.

It was reported that the four manuscripts had been submitted to review before publication.  They will be reviewed as a group.  If the papers are accepted, they will be sent to the FDA for commentary.

The Industry Sampling Task Force updated the Group on its plans for the a workshop on issues related to DNA sampling which it hopes to run in the first quarter of 2011. The Education Task Force reported that progress is being made on a slide deck for the use of I-PWG members.  Reports were also received from other Task Force leaders.

The Group considered proposals for two new projects, one related to variability in PK and the other related to writing recommendations for practices for handling, storing and analyzing samples collected for biomarker research.

The next teleconference will be on September 14.