I-PWG Biomarker Brochure

I-PWG Biomarker Brochure

Fourteen people from 12 member companies attended.  Amir Snapir was in the chair.

The Group welcomed the announcement that Anita Nelsen of GSK had been elected as Chair of I-PWG for 2011.

The Group discussed the progress of its papers for publication.  Peer review of two papers had been completed but the results were not available.  Review of the other papers was ongoing.

The Industry Sampling Task Force updated the Group on its plans for the a workshop  which it hopes to run in the first quarter of 2011.  A draft agenda had been circulated and productive meetings had been held with FDA and DIA.

A new Task Force on Recommendations for Good Storage and Analysis Practice had had its first meeting and agreed to work towards publication of an article or White Paper.

There was preliminary discussion about a draft agenda for a meeting with FDA in 2011 to follow up on the successful meeting in Spring 2009.

The next teleconference will be on October 12.