I-PWG Membership Contact List

Company Name Title/Area Contact
Abbvie (Primary Contact) Jeff Waring Senior Director, Genomics Research Center, AbbVie [email protected]
AbbVie Lian Rundell [email protected]
Abbvie Stephen Abel [email protected]
Abbvie Saman Saqib [email protected]
Abbvie Anahita Bhathena [email protected]
Abbvie Dan Bow [email protected]
Abbvie Cyril Ramathal [email protected]
Abbvie Justin Ideozu [email protected]
Amgen (Primary Contact) Lauren Noyes [email protected]
Astellas (Primary Contact) Sebastian Gloskowski [email protected]
Astellas Chip VanSant [email protected]
AstraZeneca (Primary Contact) Helen Stevens Genomics Clinical Science Advisor, Principal Scientist [email protected]
AstraZeneca Kirstin Goldring Head of HBS Compliance and Governance [email protected]
AstraZeneca Maria Orr Head of Precision Medicine Early [email protected]
AstraZeneca Keren Carss Director – Genome Analytics [email protected]
AstraZeneca Sarah Atkinson Compliance Director HBS [email protected]
AstraZeneca Patrick Fivey Director, Precision Medicine Policy Lead [email protected]
Biogen (Primary Contact) Adele Mitchell Director, Clinical Genetics [email protected]
Biogen Cynthia Gubbels [email protected]
Biogen Ben Sun [email protected]
Biogen Million Arefayne [email protected]
Biogen Simonne Longerich [email protected]
Biogen Stephanie Loomis [email protected]
Biogen Coro Paisan-Ruiz [email protected]
BioMarin (Primary Contact) Rob Power Head of Clinica Genomics [email protected]
BioMarin Mark Cosentino Head of Clinical Biospecimens [email protected]
BioMarin Ben Thurmond Sr Director, Business Operations [email protected]
BioMarin Saskia Selzam Clinical Genomics Lead [email protected]
BioMarin Hassan Foroughi Oncology Genomics Lead Oncology Genomics Lead
BMS (Primary Contact) Jennifer Ribeiro [email protected]
BMS Karina Bienfait [email protected]
BMS Aparna Chhibber [email protected]
BMS Cristin Freeman [email protected]
Boehringer-Ingelheim (Primary Contact) Patrick Baum [email protected]
Boehringer-Ingelheim Michael Geng [email protected]
Debio Pharma Carolina Haefliger [email protected]
Debio Pharma Anna Pokorska-Bocci [email protected]
Debio Pharma Franck Brichory [email protected]
Debio Pharma Jeannette Fuchs [email protected]
Debio Pharma Elisabeth Rouits [email protected]
Debio Pharma Esteban Rodrigo Imedio Senior Medical Director, Clinical development. Oncology [email protected]
Debio Pharma Heidi Nauwelaerts [email protected]
Debio Pharma Andrea Groenewegen [email protected]
Eisai (Primary Contact) Feifei Tao Sr. Scientist, Human Genetics [email protected]
Eisai Michael Nagle Sr. Director, Human Genetics and Causal Biology [email protected]
Eisai David Verbel Sr. Director, Biostatistics [email protected]
Eisai Kevin McDonald Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs [email protected]
Eisai Pallavi Sachdev Executive Director, Translational Sciences [email protected]
Eisai Nadeem Sarwar VP, Head of Data Driven Genomic Strategy [email protected]
Eisai Janna Hutz President, Human Biology Integration Foundation [email protected]
Eisai Angen Liu Associate Director, Biobanking Operations [email protected]
Gilead (Primary Contact) Hubert Stoppler [email protected]
Gilead Audrey Goddard [email protected]
Gilead Sandhya Girish [email protected]
Gilead Thomas Tarnowski [email protected]
Gilead Shahed Iqbal [email protected]
Gilead Chris Tudan [email protected]
GSK (Primary Contact) Charles Cox [email protected]
GSK Richard Turner [email protected]
GSK/Parexel Anita Nelsen [email protected],
[email protected]
GSK Zhengyu Xue [email protected]
GSK/Parexel Arlene Hughes [email protected]
GSK/Parexel Karen King [email protected],
[email protected]
Idorsia (Primary Contact) Peter Groenen [email protected]
Idorsia Jesper Ryge Senior Data Scientist [email protected]
Idorsia Peter Blattmann Lab Head, Proteomics [email protected]
Idorsia Dominik Hartl Data Scientist [email protected]
Idorsia Pijus Brazauskas Lab Head, Genomics [email protected]
Idorsia Madeleine Suffiotti Data Scientist [email protected]
Ionis (Primary Contact) Leo Sahelijo Translational Medicine [email protected]
Ionis Shruti Sasaki Assistant Director TM [email protected]
Ionis Chelsey Smith Project Manager TM [email protected]
Ionis Joel Mathews Director Biomarker Research [email protected]
J &J (Primary Contact) Katie Bell [email protected]
J& J Deborah Ricci [email protected]
J&J Diane Mohr [email protected]
Lilly (Primary Contact) Kate Hillgren [email protected]
Lilly Yingying Guo [email protected]
Lilly Rebecca Breitung [email protected]
Lilly Pallav Bhatnagar [email protected]
Lilly Wendra Foster [email protected]
Lilly Sreekumar Pillai [email protected]
Lilly Raj Hooli [email protected]
Merck (Primary Contact) Peter Shaw [email protected]
Merck Gowri Murphy [email protected]
Merck Aimad Torqui [email protected]
Merck Sid Mathur [email protected]
Merck Jessica Keller [email protected]
Merck Sonal Singh [email protected]
Moderna (Primary Contact) Jean-Claude Marshall [email protected]
Moderna Amy Weaver [email protected]
Novartis (Primary Contact) Nicole Hartmann [email protected]
Novartis Dmitri Mikhailov [email protected]
Novartis Maen Obeidat [email protected]
Novartis Nikos Patsopoulos [email protected]
Orion (Primary Contact) Elina Serkkola [email protected]
Orion Mikko Koskinen [email protected]
Orion Tarja Forsman [email protected]
Orion William Hennah [email protected]
Pfizer (Primary Contact) Lea Harty [email protected]
Pfizer Holly Soares [email protected]
Pfizer Jillian Johnson [email protected]
Pfizer Sharada Truter [email protected]
Pfizer Yan Chen [email protected]
Pfizer Arlene Coleman [email protected]
Purdue (Primary Contact) Manju Shet [email protected]
Purdue Steve Harris [email protected]
Regeneron (Primary Contact) Charles Paulding [email protected]
Regeneron Laura Cremona [email protected]
Regeneron Poulabi Banerjee [email protected]
Regeneron Donna Gambaccini [email protected]
Regeneron Sivan Harel [email protected]
Roche (Primary Contact) Delphine Largarde Biosample Ethics and Quality [email protected]
Sanofi (Primary Contact) Kelley Wolfe [email protected]
Sanofi Eric Boitier [email protected]
Sunovion (Primary Contact) Guanqqing Xiao [email protected]
Sunovion Gerald Galluppi [email protected]
Sunovion Yu-Luan Chen [email protected]
Sunovion Yu-Yuan Chiu [email protected]
Sunovion ChongHua Li [email protected]
Sunovion Takao Watanabe [email protected]
Sunovion Hironobu Tsukada [email protected]
Teva (Primary Contact) Jacki Rorabaugh [email protected]
Teva Lea Siksou [email protected]
Teva Jennifer Dreymann [email protected]
UCB (Primary Contact) Martin Armstrong Head of Genetics [email protected]
UCB Csilla Sipeky Genetics Lead [email protected]
UCB Natalie Delcroix Head of Clinical Biosample Compliance & Delivery [email protected]
Valo Health Aviv Madar [email protected]
Valo Health William Johnson [email protected]
Valo Health Yeting Zhang [email protected]
Valo Health Yun Wang [email protected]