I-PWG Monthly Meeting Agenda

Year 2023

Gantry 5

I-PWG Meeting Agenda
Tuesday January 31, 2023

Topic Presenter Time
Coffee/Tea 8.30am
Welcome to Biogen Heiko Runz 9.00am
Welcome and review of meeting objectives Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw 9.05am
I-PWG Member introductions/Ice breaker All 9.15am
Review of I-PWG recent successes and activities/Housekeeping notes Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw/Charlie Paulding/Julian Arbuckle 10.15am
Coffee/Tea 10.30am
Introduction to the “Return of Results” Workshop Nicole Hartman/ROR LDWG 10.45am
Session 1 – “Return of Results” Workshop ROR LDWG 11.00am
Summary/Next steps for I-PWG ROR activity Nicole Hartman/ROR LDWG 12.30pm
Lunch 12.45pm
Session 2 – Review of current I-PWG activity and plans for 2023
– Overview of current Task Force/Working Group activity
– What other activities the I-PWG should be focusing on for 2023 (and beyond)?
– Review current I-PWG working practices (what’s working well/not working well)?
– What other external groups should the I-PWG be interacting with?
– Discuss growth plans for the I-PWG/Other company participation/networking
– Other
Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw/Charlie Paulding/Julian Arbuckle 1.45pm
Tea/Coffee 3.15pm
Summary of key themes from Session 2 Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw/Charlie Paulding/Julian Arbuckle 3.30pm
ECTF demo of the new I-PWG website Laury Mignon/Julian Arbuckle 4.00pm
Co-Chair transition plans 2023 Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw/Charlie Paulding 4.15pm
Meeting wrap-up/Summary Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw/Charlie Paulding/Julian Arbuckle 4.30pm
Meeting closes 4.45pm

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Year 2021

Gantry 5

I-PWG Meeting Agenda Tuesday September 14, 2021

Topic Presenter Time
1) “The Geisinger-Regeneron DiscovEHR Collaboration: Applications of Large-Scale Genomic Analysis in a Large Clinical Population David Carey (Geisinger) 30 Minutes (Plus 10 mins Q & A)
2) NIH RFI regarding “Consent wording for data and biospecimen sharing” draft response Devon Kelley (CRISPR Therapeutics) 10 Minutes
3) Update on progress of the I-PWG survey team for WGS in clinical trials Rob Power (BioMarin) 10 Minutes
4) MHRA Pharmacogenomics Research Workshop Kiera Mehigan (MHRA) 10 Minutes
5) Status on website update Julian Arbuckle 5 Minutes
6) Membership invoice status Julian Arbuckle 5 Minutes
7) Next Monthly Meeting Speaker: “Return of Results Pilot Study” – Delphine Lagarde (Roche) Peter Shaw 5 Minutes
8) AOB All
Gantry 5

I-PWG Meeting Agenda
Tuesday March 09, 2021


1) “Phenome-wide collapsing analysis of rare variation in UK Biobank exomes”

Keren Carss (AstraZeneca)30 Minutes
(Plus, Q & A)
2) Company Spotlight – UCBMartin Armstrong5 Minutes
3) Vendor Writing Group AwardKarina
Shaw/Julian Arbuckle
10 Minutes
4) SCOPE Meeting FeedbackKarina Bienfait/Melissa
10 Minutes
5) Return of Results Survey (IRB/REC/EC) StatusJen Ribeiro/Julian Arbuckle5 Minutes
6) April Monthly Meeting Speaker:
“Overview of the SCALLOP Consortium (Systematic and Combined AnaLysis of Olink Proteins)” – Anders Malarstig (Pfizer)
Karina Bienfait/Peter Shaw5 Minutes
7) AOBAll5 Minutes
Gantry 5

I-PWG Meeting Agenda
Tuesday February 09, 2021


1) “Deep Learning and Next Generation Sequencing, An Overview and Deep Dive”

Dawer Jamshed (Vertex Labs) 30 Minutes
(plus 10 mins Q & A)
2) Company Spotlight (Biogen)Adele Mitchell5 Minutes
3) PGx Perspectives Paper – Status
Charlie Paulding (Regeneron)10 Minutes
4) Update from Education & Communication Task Force regarding plans for the review of current education materialsJen Ribeiro/Julian Arbuckle/Laury Mignon (Ionis)10 Minutes
5) March Monthly Meeting Speaker:
Keren Carss – “An update of AstraZeneca’s activities around the UK Biobank exome analysis”
Karina Bienfait / Peter Shaw5 Minutes
6) AOBAll5 Minutes
Gantry 5

I-PWG Meeting Agenda
Tuesday January 12, 2021


1) Review of the results from the “I-PWG Monthly Meeting 2020 Speaker” Survey

– Planning discussion for the 2021 Monthly Meeting Speaker plans

Karina Bienfait/Peter
30 Minutes
2) Company Spotlight (Pfizer)Charlie Paulding5 Minutes
3) Task Force Goals for 2021

– Education & Communication
– Regulatory
– Consent Structure Working Group
Rawley-Payne/Lea Harty
20 Minutes
4) Future Speaker Plans – Membership request for information (see attached papers)Karina Bienfait/Peter
10 Minutes
6) AOBAll5 Minutes